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Frequently Asked Questions About Marketing Your Law Practice on Television

Advertising Legal Services on Television

Do I really need to market my law practice on TV to receive my share of new cases?
Absolutely! The competition among lawyers grows fiercer by the day. Last year alone attorneys spent hundreds of millions of dollars on TV advertising. Attorneys who do not advertise on television run the risk of being left behind. At Professional Media Services we work hard for our attorneys and it pays off.
I invest in the Yellow Pages and see little return for my money. How much better is TV?
Attorneys with Professional Media Services, on average, a 10-1 return on their investment with our TV ads. The ABA Commission on advertising reports that "nearly a third of the firms advertising in the Yellow Pages do no better than break even." Television is the most cost-effective way to market your law practice. TV is a dynamic medium, reaching directly into hospitals and homes. TV grabs the attention of viewers, motivating them to call. Television reaches out to people. Yellow Pages collect dust.
TV advertising is expensive. Can my law practice afford an effective advertising campaign?
Yes. Our team of professional media buyers can create an advertising campaign for any budget. With some of our clients reporting up to a 25-1 return on their investment, you don't have to spend a lot to achieve great results.

ABA / State Bar Advertising Rules

What about my state bar's advertising rules?
At Professional Media Services, we continually monitor your state's advertising rules. Our ads are custom produced and edited for each state.
How does the ABA feel about TV advertising?
The ABA released a comprehensive study on legal advertising in January, 1995. Among their findings is that advertising does not tarnish the image of lawyers. In fact, the study says, "... it is clear that advertising is a major factor in the delivery of legal services..."
Information on Group Advertising for Lawyers
What About "Group Advertising" for Attorneys?
If you would prefer to participate in group advertising instead of having your own custom commercials made for your law practice by Professional Media Services, we also have available two very effective group programs for Personal Injury Attorney Advertising and Disability Attorney Advertising.
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